The Dark Side of Glasgow

Cost: £25pp

Recently named ‘Europe’s murder capital’ and voted the ‘UK’s friendliest city’ in the same week! It’s fair to say Glasgow is a confusing city, which means you need a true Weegie to show you the ropes. Lets share a dram and explore famous landmarks and gritty street art, while I tell you of Glasgow’s crime and macabre past! Its ties to the slave trade, its gangs, its godfathers, its ghosts, and its twisted serial killers!

This is not your average tour, full of dull architectural facts and dates. No! We are absolutely bursting with trademark dry Glaswegian humour and have all the feisty, entertaining tales the tourist industry likes to leave out! ‘People Make Glasgow’ and this is a tour dedicated to the people and their thrilling, hilarious, and sometimes terrifying adventures. Want to know about Bible John? The Human Crocodile? The Gorbals Vampire? Arthur Thompson and his kin? Look no further!

These are not the stories you will find in museums, they cannot be summed up in a book. We Glaswegians are known to spin a yarn and are the world’s greatest storytellers. I will add in my own anecdotes passed down from my family, including both the historical facts and the mythical imaginings clearly defined.

You will learn to admire our working-class charm. Our brutality, our humour and most of all our complexity. Edinburgh might be Scotland’s brain, but Glasgow is its heart!

What To Expect


Merchant City: The most beautiful, affluent area but its hiding a despicable secret!

The High Court: The scene of many dramatic court cases.

Glasgow Green: Luscious green park but where the bodies used to hang.

The Barralands: Both the iconic flea market and the trendy dancehall which was the hunting ground for Scotland’s most terrifying serial killer!

Gallowgate: The historical entrance to the city, with Mercat cross and Tolbooth Steeple

Your guide will welcome you in the Royal Exchange Square, upon booking exact details will be provided.

Relax in Glasgow’s oldest & most beautiful park and warm up whilst enjoying a tradition Scottish dram.

Sample some Scotland’s delicious snacks and wash it down with a single malt whisky. If whisky isn’t to your liking, instead have a taste of Scotland’s iconic soft drink – the only to outsell Coca Cola!

Due to the content of some of our stories, we recommend guests ages 13 and up. Parents can also bring children under 2 years of age at no extra cost.

Dogs are more than welcome on our tours, as long as our guide can give them a wee pet!


Cost: £25pp

What People Say About The Dark Side of Glasgow Tour


August 2023

This was a great tour to take to get the underbelly history of Glasgow. Rhona had great recommendations for things to do while in town and was a funny and engaging guide.


July 2023

I would 100% recommend this tour for sure. Rhona had a great energy and was super engaging. We learnt so much and it made us want to stay in Glasgow longer!!


June 2023

We really enjoyed this tour! Rhona is very animated and entertaining, and clearly puts in a lot of time and effort to make the stories and the tour experience memorable.


September 2023

Rhona was an incredible storyteller and made sure the tour was a great mix of Glasgow’s rich and sinister history. Balancing humor and horrors beautifully, would absolutely recommend.


August 2023

Rhona is fantastic! She’s an incredible storyteller and very passionate about her home city. It was a great way to explore the local sights.

Would highly recommend

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